Signing of the European Pillar of Social Rights

Together with President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven hosted a Social Summit in Gothenburg on 17 November 2017, focusing on promoting fair jobs and growth. At the Summit the text of the proclamation of the European Pillar of Social Rights was signed designed as a compass for a renewed process of upward convergence towards better working and living conditions in the EU. It is primarily conceived for the euro area but it is also applicable to all EU Member States wishing to be part of it. The European Pillar of Social Rights expresses 20 principles and rights essential for fair and well-functioning labour markets and welfare systems in 21st century Europe. It is the first set of rights proclaimed by EU institutions since the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Following signing of the Social Pillar, the Commission has launched the second round of discussion with trade unions and employers’ organisations at the EU level, on how to support access to social protection for all people in employment and self-employment. In 2016, just below 40% of employed people in the EU were in non-standard employment or self-employed, half of whom are at risk of not having sufficient access to social protection and related employment services.

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