The EC Published a Report on Macroeconomic Imbalances for Croatia

On 26th February 2016 the European Commission has published 2016 Country Report for Croatia including an In-Depth Review on the prevention and correction of macroeconomic imbalances. This Report is a result of the Alert Mechanism Report (AMR) of November 2016, which kicks-off the annual Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure (IMP). The AMR is an early-warning mechanism for identification of the member states with a potential risk of harmful macroeconomic imbalances. The fifth AMR of November 2016 identified a total of 18 member states, including Croatia, for which a closer analysis (in-depth review) is deemed necessary.
The 2016 In-Depth Review (IDR) for Croatia provides a detailed analysis of the key economic issues and challenges facing the Croatian economy. Moreover, the IDR contains summary assessment of Croatia’s implementation of the 2015 country specific recommendations (CSRs). According to the IDR, Croatia has made some progress in addressing only 1 CSR, while it has made a limited progress in addressing other 5 CSRs. The IDR also provides progress assessment regarding the achievements of national Europe 2020 targets.

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