The National Reform Program and the Convergence Program for 2016-2019 adopted

The Croatian Government has adopted the 2016-2019 National Reform Program and Convergence Program on 28th April 2016, drafted within the process of the European Semester. The National Reform Program identifies 4 main goals and reform areas for 2016 and 2017, including: macroeconomic stability and fiscal sustainability; improved conditions for business and better investment climate; increased efficiency and transparency of the public sector as well as better alignment between education system and the needs of the labor market. The Government intends to achieve these goals by implementing a total of 61 reform measures. The Convergence Program indicates further continuation of fiscal consolidation in the following medium-term period. Based on the assessment of these documents, the European Commission will decide whether to initiate Excessive Imbalance Procedure for Croatia but also it will use them for preparation of the new set of Country Specific Recommendations for Croatia.

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