‘POLO-Cro28 – Policy Observatory in Croatia’ kick-off meeting


Institute for development and international relations – IRMO, Library

7th October 2015, 09.00 – 12.00

A kick-off meeting of the Jean Monnet project ‘POLO-Cro28 – Policy Observatory in Croatia’ was held on Wednesday 7th October 2015. The project was awarded to the IRMO under the Erasmus+ program. Along the presentation of the concept of the project and formation of the research teams, the methodological framework and guidelines for the project implementation were also discussed. The meeting was attended by IRMO researches and young researches. The project ‘POLO-Cro28 – Policy Observatory in Croatia’ will be officially presented to wider public within the first out of four project’s round tables, scheduled for November 2015.

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POLO presentation IRMO Kick-off

IRMO awarded a Jean Monnet project “POLO-Cro28 – Policy Observatory in Croatia”

IRMO awarded a Jean Monnet project “POLO-Cro28 – Policy Observatory in Croatia”

IRMO was awarded a Jean Monnet project for institutional support, which will be implemented between September 2015 and August 2018. The project is aimed at strengthening IRMO’s capacities in multidisciplinary policy analysis. It also intends to spread the knowledge and increase understanding of the EU policies as well as contribute to development of young researchers. Results of the project will be analytical policy papers, brief periodical reviews available on the IRMO web page, round tables and debates, international conference and the book which will include all research results. The research focus is targeted towards policy areas which are particularly important for the future of Croatia as a new EU member state: economic policy and the European Semester, competitiveness, social policy and youth unemployment, cohesion policy and management of the EU founds, energy policy and environmental protection. Through the envisaged research activities and events the project will foster rising awareness about the necessity for continuous implementation of economic and social reforms, within revised Europe 2020 Strategy. The project coordinator is Višnja Samardžija, PhD.