Commentary by young researches on Smart specialisation published

Strategy for smart specialisation as a fremework for strategic investment‘ is the fifth commentary within the project POLO-Cro28, written by Martina Basarac Sertić, research associate at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts – CASA. This commentary analyses the goal, the purpose and the content of strategies for smart specialisation and provides a parallel overview of thematic priority areas in Croatia and selected new EU Member States (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia). Furthermore, the commentary explains the origin and sequences of establishing these strategies as well as their importance in the context of EU Cohesion policy. The main aim is to assist in better understanding of strategies for smart specialisation – a new concept of industrial policy in order to develop innovative economy and achieve economic growth and prosperity of the EU Member States. Having an insight into the backbone of these strategies it can be concluded that smart specialisation is an opportunity to shift from the low levels of balance and to increase the overall competitiveness in the EU as well as for the reduction of mutual differences among the Member States.

The full text si available on the following link (Croatia only) :